Is it really that tough to locate a qualified electrician? No longer! Mr.Shaji connects you with the best electricians in your area.
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Don't be concerned! Here's your one-stop leaks shop. Broken pipes,? Shaji connects you with the greatest qualified plumbers in your area.
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We are a group of expert painters who listen to you, understand your needs, and make the painting process as simple and painless as possible.
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We provide professional house cleaners who can improve your living environment.
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Let us handle it; we'll take good care of it. Expert sanitization services are provided at your home by us.
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A/C maintenance
Shaji can help you cool your home by solving all of your air conditioning problems and providing the best ac repair and installation, as well as ac service center.
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Whatever your security needs are, shaji is the perfect choice because we have simply covered all of the conceivable angles of our clients' security requirements.
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Other service
Shaji provides best handyman service in calicut. It icludes Plumbing, Electrical, Painting, and more
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Who We Are

About Shaji

We are a service business that gives complete satisfaction when it comes to electrical, plumbing, and other residential and commercial space servicing concerns. We specialize in delivering works that stand out from the crowd by combining clear, disciplined, and on-time execution. Come to us, and we’ll make your color vision wonderful.

electrical services in Calicut
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electrical services in Calicut

High Quality Standard

When it comes to quality, we make sure to uphold the highest standards. We strive on providing excellent service. We always utilize approved products and, most importantly, deliver excellent service.

electrical services in Calicut

Cost Transparency

The customer is aware of costs at every stage of the process and can track payment flow details at any moment. When it comes to payments, we are completely transparent.

electrical services in Calicut

On-Time Completion

We work hard to stick to precise deadlines, produce projects on time, and keep our clients informed about the entire process from start to finish.

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Feedback from our customers is essential in helping us maintain the highest level of quality service that shaji can provide.

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